Tuesday, January 22

Thank Gd For Election Day

The Satmar "fest" in which a "rav" called on Jews to not particpate in the Israeli electiosn is a prime example of Kefiut Tova - biting the hand which feeds you.   Entering the Holy Land with an ease that was beyodn teh wildest dreams of millenia of Jews, landing in an airport which was designed, built and is secured thanks to the Israeli governement, the satmar rav was expressing his lack of thanks to both HaShem and His mssengers, for all the good that HaShem has provided and for the risks that Jews undertook and continue to undertake in order to develop the mosquito-swarmed marshes and the deserts; to fight enemies from without and within.
For 3 (yes, three) millenia, most Jews have been under rulers that, for the most part, were not very sympathetic to Torah lifestyles.  Yeravam forbade aliya la'regel to Yerushalaim.  Ahav killed almost all the neviim. The Hashmonean dynasty became Tzedukim.   The peritzim in Europe did not build shuls and schools.  Queen Isabella did not build mikvaot.  The cossack army did not provide times for Tefilla, nor did it have an entire system of Rabbanim to answer any halachic questions that would arise during a soldier's service.

Today we have the opportunity to write Jewish history.  By voting for a party whose platform calls for the integration of Torah values in all areas of national life, we are choosing to be HaShem's messengers in His fulfilling our request:
ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון

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